This is what we do


    Storyboards, logo exploration, UI elements, type treatments, 3D characters, a running sabertooth tiger...if it will be put into motion, it must first be designed. Starting with a strong design approach to every project is our primary focus and concern. Not only do we want your work to be visually stunning and functional, but we also want to make sure it works to serve the project as a whole.

  • We animate

    Animation takes time. Luckily, we have the patience, the personnel and the machines to do the heavy lifting. Kinetic type for an infographic? Yes. A 3D animated Optimus Prime stylized in 8-bit pixels and tracked into live footage? Yes. Llamas and juice boxes chasing each other around a fabricated minature set of a soap opera? Uhmm...Sure, why not? We can build it! And we'll make it move.

  • We edit

    Whether it's a 30 second spot or 4 minute music video, our job is to convey the story or message in a concise, understandable way. Editing is the invisible process that keeps your piece engaging and exciting to the viewer. It allows us to cut out the boring bits where not much is happening, add funny slide whistle sound fx where needed, or cool music to pump you up. And don't worry, we can always fix it in post. Or so I'm told.

  • We shoot. You score.

    Sometimes a smart phone camera just isn't going to cut it. You'll need something bigger, fancier, and more impressive to clients who are coming in town to supervise the shoot. We'll do our best to impress and get the shots we need at the same time. We'll even light the darn thing. No extra charge. We've shot on location all around Chicago. We've handled green screen shoots, with everything from professional hockey players to coffee beans. We try to accommodate every production to fit within the budget.

Clients we've worked with

Here at Daily Planet, we come together to work and play as a family, whose members hail from a wide variety of backgrounds, places, disciplines and unique perspectives. It's these differences which allow us to complement each other's skills and talents to create a cohesive, versatile, and capable team with the ability to take on a wide range of projects.


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